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Wisdom Ablaze

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Heart of Sky/
Heart of Earth

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The Beloved

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Mayan Dream/
Dancers of Flame

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Journey of Joy

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Healing Music

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Mystical Rose

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The Beloved
Special Edition

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A Celebration of
Life and Love

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Deepening in Love

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Wisdom Enters World in Love

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Music by Beverly Rieger.

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The Story of Emergence Album

"I kept feeling the words BEAUTY over and over again. I feel this (Emergence) is just so lovely and deep. It takes you somewhere very deep inside and travels you back to your doorstep. I would call it profound." ~Ilene Satala

"Emergence is plying while I write this little note to you. Each piece on the CD is so beautiful and special. It truly is one of your best. Thank you for gifting me so lavishly!" ~Jolene/Minnesota

Rainbow Shower 6.40 minutes

The light dance of drum and crystal keyboard celebrate the vitality of color on Mother Earth. Color pours from all her life forms in a lively, jewel-toned movement. Her colors are the brilliant reds of poppies and cardinals, and the azure blues of a clear summer sky and of the waters in the Bahamas; soft greens of the Spring, and deep greens of summer grass and peacocks; pinks from crabapple tree blossoms and in crystal strata of rocks; Purples of the Iris and the amethyst; browns from tree trunks and fields after the harvest and large brown spiders; all shades of grey and especially winter skies with black tree branches silhouetted against the subtle greys.

Mountains and meadows and water and skies, rocks, and fur and hair of mammals and feathers of birds, iridescence of fish scales and insects, bright, clear energy centers of human beings....all are dressed in the glory colors of Mother Earth.

The rainbow emerges from the rain warmed by the sunshine, and light is displayed in its infinite hues, a beauty reflecting the beauty of the creator Source.

Beauty Song 6.21 minutes

Exuberant Birdsong was recorded by Tom at one of the lakes in Northern Indiana and these joyful creatures of flight sing this music into its form. Ducks, geese, and the smaller birds.....the emergence of strings, flute, piano and oboe in sound. Consider the awesome vibration of sound that inspires, caresses, supports. The sound of the wind through trees, and of whale song, and of children's laughter, and of a father's deep voice in loving praise, and of all of creation in harmony that has the power to create spirals and snowflakes and beautiful shapes in water and in stone and in sand.

SOUND WAVE is the carrier of the breath of compassion, unconditional love, loving kindness and harmony.

She who walks the Fields 6.05 minutes

Wind racing through the tops of leafy trees in Northern Indiana carries the breath of the Sacred SHE who brings forth life. In many indigenous cultures the maiden walks the fields in Spring, evoking fertility to the lands. She walks in the footsteps of the bearer of all life. Her footsteps fertilize the Earth and her Itz...sacred life-giving juices...bring new life to the land.

New Sprout 5.16 minutes

Thunder cracks open the sky and the rains pour down. With an enormous release of energy, a new sprout breaks from the seed and finds its way through the ground in search of the light. The shaman dances with the power of drum and thunder and ankle bells.....dancing the new sprout into the full growth of a Wisdom Tree.

Moon Power 9.05 minutes

New Moon....Crescent Moon...Full force. New Sprout lifts its head to the moonlight, soaking in its spiritual essence. Moonlight inspiring and drenching the Earth with its growth-producing white light. Moonlight moving the great waters of the Earth...and the energy of our human bodies.

Nature Spirits 5.15 minutes

Nature Spirits dance and laugh as they see the beauty of new life emerging and growing into the fullness of potential. Their dance is ancient wisdom.

They move in joy in effortless movement with the emerging life forms....trees, grasses, flowers, fruits of the land.

Awakened 9.56 minutes

When I first opened up to the music from the Mayan lands, a melody was given to me of Awakening. This ancient melody sings with the hawks and the wolves.

Imagine the dark night...the black unknown space that is the cave and the womb....and the full moon pouring down its creative essence. Stars mark the path of the jaguar, the bear, the archer, and other beings who inhabit the sky.

The hawks are in flight, crying to the moon, flying free. A woman dances as shaman....bringing forth the unseen into the seen world...the wolves howl their moon song. Life has awakened.

Emergence 7.37 minutes

All of creation is fully emerged and embraced in the loving arms of Mother Earth. She loves with an unconditional grace. Her body is wide. Her eyes see all with compassion. She hears the cry of every being. She feels with all life. From her breath is inspiration and from her hands is life-giving water. She is the portal from the unseen world into the seen world. Rest into her nurturance and absorb into every pore of your being the wisdom and the strength that she brings to your life. Be transformed!

Listen to samples of Emergence

Listen to a sample of Rainbow Shower
 Rainbow Shower
Listen to a sample of Beauty Song
 Beauty Song
Listen to a sample of She who walks the Fields
 She who walks the Fields
Listen to a sample of New Sprout
 New Sprout
Listen to a sample of Moon Power
 Moon Power
Listen to a sample of Nature Spirits
 Nature Spirits
Listen to a sample of Awakened
Listen to a sample of Emergence