Beverly in the studio

Hello to everyone!

I am a composer, performer, teacher, and recording artist. My music has found an audience throughout the United States, Australia and Canada, and, thanks to the Internet and distributors such as CDBaby, is sold in many countries of the world.

From an early age I loved the outdoors. I was lucky enough to live out in the country where I could have great adventures exploring fields, woods, and streams near my home. I loved (and still love) all of nature and that especially includes people!

When I was introduced to the piano, music became another love. I played on the piano every day for hours as a child, and absorbed any classical music that my teachers could find for me to play, especially if the music had lots of passion and movement. Eventually music became my profession.

My own original music has been especially influenced by my travels into the Mayan lands of Central America and Mexico. I compose music that captures the sacred feel for me of these lands and people, and of our Mother Earth. The Mayan Dream album was born in Mexico in 1987. The Beloved, The Journey of Joy, Heart of Sky/Heart of Earth, Healing Music, Mystical Rose, Emergence, Ancient/Future Symphony, VIDA, Radiance, A Celebration of Life and Love, Deepening In Love, and Wisdom Enters The World In Love have since been created from my continued journeys throughout the lands of the Maya.

Mayan Dream Productions, International has been my business since 1989.

Retta: our Rhodesian Ridgeback mix

I am married to Walt and have three children and eight grandchildren. We make our home in Fort Wayne, Indiana and enjoy the outdoors, our much loved dog, Rhodesian Ridgeback mix named Retta, and traveling.

What does my music sound like?

My original music on the Kurzweil keyboard and other keyboards, and percussion instruments from various parts of the world are an important part of the story that my music tells. I also love to use sampled bird song, thunder, ocean waves..all of these sounds that bring nature into my music. However, it is uniquely "Beverly" music with my own musical imprint.

To all of you... welcome! To all returning friends... greetings!