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  • It's beautiful! Just what I needed after a long day at work and before I go to bed. Thank you so much for sharing your healing sounds and lovely spirit. ~Baxter
  • just lovely...your music is so soothing... my special day: your music playing, a battery candle flickering... You will forever be a part of my healing! ~ Karen
  • I hope that you're doing well, and that all is well in Ft. Wayne! Look forward to the new music --- I still use my music almost every single day! ~ Carol
  • Oh, it is so lovely!!!! I will play it often. THANK YOU! ~ Mary Louise

Additional Comments

  • "Beverly's music is evocative and inspiring, perfect for pure listening pleasure as well as meditation and visualization. People in my groups say it deepens their soul work. I highly recommend it!" ~Carolyn Conger, PhD
  • "I can't imagine the past twenty years of my own personal spiritual quest without the music of Beverly Rieger. Her brilliant compositions, stemming from the depths of her rich inner being, compel me to follow her lead and explore the rich inner landscapes within myself. I simply center myself, put on her recordings, and allow this wonderful musical shaman to guide me where I need to go - deep within the vastness of my very soul." ~Carol, Santa Monica, California.
  • "The music is just divine! Also, thanks for the enclosed literature - enjoying all the stories. If we could just all face what we perceive as fear, as you did the tarantula." ~Sally, January 2007.
  • "I just can't thank you enough. I will pray for you and send you 'distance energy' that you may continue to prosper; and your gifts of music continue to flow from your enlightened soul to be heard by all in the world." ~Maryanne, December 2006.
  • "Beverly, your music is truly special. I've discovered The Beloved brings out creativity in me when I'm working on my writing and web site projects. It's odd, but I can almost feel new connections stirring inside. Your newest, Heart of Sky/Heart of Earth, has a different effect. It evokes beauty. When I listen to it, it's as if everything inside and outside me feels beautiful. Thank you for another great CD!" ~Jean, July 2006.
  • "On Wednesday afternoon this week I had foot surgery....I brought along your Journey of Joy CD because I was hoping to relax into the feeling of stepping into the artist space with this procedure. The headset ended up not having the needed batteries to play it so I asked if anyone minded if it was played on the CD player in the surgery room. So your music is what we listened to. I was in and out...but I was fully awake for the last half of it all. The room felt quiet and peaceful and I wasn't shaken at all to be aware of everything." ~Ellen, December 2005.
  • "I have owned a copy of "The Beloved" for several years and I have a deep, personal relationship with this music. I first listened to an earlier version of it while traveling through Southern Mexico. It brought tears to my eyes. It was as if I had connected with My Beloved, Soul. I consistently return to "The Beloved" to meditate. I love it so much I gave copies to my children; they haven't commented on it much recently, then my son told me that he and his wife go to sleep with it every night. When I think of what this music means to me, words just fail. Thank you, Beverly!" ~Greg, July 2, 2003
  • "I use "Journey of Joy!" for my personal healing and meditation work, and also with my individual and group work with others as a psychotherapist and healer. This music brings one directly into the journey of one's soul to facilitate healing and transformation. It is inspiring and uplifting to experience the flow of each one's soul moving through them, and the visions and awareness that naturally emerge throughout the journey." ~Conrad, Author: "Awaken Your Creative Potential".
  • "I first heard The Beloved from a friend of mine, and I knew I must have this CD. I do not own it and listen to it everyday. It is such soothing music. I even played it for my cat when he was very sick and would lay on my bed. I must buy all of your CD's. Thanks." ~Daisy, December 26, 2003